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Food List for the Amercan Supper (Meeting on 5th Dec 2017)

Below is a list of items that our Catering Officer (Glenn Finn) suggested as possible items for members to bring to the American Supper. The first column indicates the food item, and "x"s in the second column indicates that someone has already volunteered to bring that item. So if you've not already agreed to bring along any food, please try and bring along something from the list which doesn't already have an x in the second column.

Food List for Amercan Supper

Savoury Items
Ham Sandwiches  
Chicken Sandwiches x
Scotch Eggs  
Cheese Sandwiches  
Egg Sandwiches  
Ham & Pickle Sandwiches  
Cheese & Onion Sandwiches  
Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches  
Tuna Mayo Sandwiches  
Chicken Drumsticks  
Indian Selection  
Sausage Rolls  
Chicken Bites x
Quiche Bites x
Cocktail Sausages x
Mini Pizza  
Pork Pies x
Cheese & Pineapple on stick x
Celery Sticks  
Carrot Sticks  
Cucumber Sticks  
Pepper Sticks  
Crisps x
Peanuts x
Savoury Pastries x

Sweet Items
Christmas Cake x
Mince Pies x
Mini Yule Log x
After Eight Mints x
Tin Of Roses/Chocolates x
Cheesecake x x
Shortbread x

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