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Over the years, the Branch has accumulated a fine collection of books in the Branch Library. The titles listed below can be borrowed from the branch librarian (Richard White) under the following conditions:
  • Books can be borrowed for a month and can be retained for longer periods if desired.
  • The rental fee is 20p per month
  • The first month's fee is payable at the start of the loan.
  • If the book is borrowed for more than a month, the balance is payable when the book is returned.
  • Books can be borrowed and returned at the Branch's monthly meetings.

Library Listing (May 2012)

Anderson F The Cactus Family
Backeberg C Cactus Lexicon
Britton N L & Rose J N The Cactaceae (Vols I and II) 
Britton N L & Rose J N The Cactaceae (Vols III and IV) 
Cullmann, Gotz & Groner  The Encyclopedia of Cacti
Haustein E The Cactus Handbook
Hunt D The New Cactus Lexicon (2 vols)
Innes & Glass The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti
Jacobsen H H Lexicon of Succulent Plants
Lamb Brian M Cacti of the World
Pilbeam J Cacti for the Connoisseur
Preston-Mafham Rod & Ken Cacti -The Illustrated Dictionary
Ríha J & Subík R The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Other Succulents
Sajeva M & Constanzo M Succulents - The Illustrated Dictionary
Urs Eggli Glossary of Botanical terms with special reference to Succulent Plants

Coombes A J A - Z of Plant Names 
Hewitt T The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents
Lamb E & B The Illustrated Ref on Cacti & Other Succulents - Vol 1 
Lamb E & B The Illustrated Ref on Cacti & Other Succulents - Vol 4 
Lamb E & B The Illustrated Ref on Cacti & Other Succulents - Vol 5
Innes C The Handbook of Cacti & Succulents
Mace T & S Cactus and Succulents
Rowley G A History of Succulent Plants
Rowley G The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents

Carter S & Smith A R Flora of Tropical East Africa 
Court D Succulent Flora of Southern Africa
Krutch & Porter Baja California and the Geography of Hope
Preston-Mafham Ken Cacti and Succulents in Habitat

Andersohn G Cacti & Succulents
Bell Shirley Anne Growing Cactus and Succulents in the Garden
Buxbaum F Cactus Culture - based on biology
Noltee F Cultivation Table for Succulents (cacti included)
Pilbeam J How to care for your Cacti
Pilbeam J How to care for your Succulents

Specific Genera
Pilbeam J, Rodgerson C, & Tribble D Adromischus (Cactus File Handbook #3)
Pilbeam J & Weightman W Ariocarpus etcetera (several genera)
Noble W C Aloes for greenhouse and indoor cultivation
Reynolds G The Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar
Carter S et al Aloes - The definitive guide
Rowley G Caudiciform & Pachycaul Succulents
Hammer S Dumpling & his Wife (re: Conophytum)
Hammer S The Genus Conophytum
Rowley G Crassula - A Grower's Guide
Charles G Copiapoa (Cactus File Handbook #4)
Rowley G Didiereaceae
Carruthers L & Ginns R Echeverias
Pilbeam J The Genus Echeveria
Taylor N The Genus Echinocereus
McQuown F R Fine Flowered Cacti { Epiphyllum }
Kattermann F Eriosyce
Brewerton D V The Succulent Euphorbias - an introduction
  Euphorbia Vols 1 to 10
van Jaarsveld E J Gasterias of South Africa
Pilbeam J Gymnocalycium - A Collector's Guide
Pilbeam J Haworthia & Astrolaba - A Collector's Guide
Charles G Gymnocalycium in Habitat & Culture
Bayer M B The New Haworthia Handbook
Hammer S A Lithops - Treasures of the Veld
Schwantes G Flowering Stones & Midday Flowers {Lithops}
Pilbeam J Mammillaria - A Collector's Guide
Pilbeam J Mammillaria - A Colour Supplement
Pilbeam J Mammillaria (Cactus File Handbook #6)
Bregman R The Genus Matucana
Storms E Growing the Mesembs
Storms E The new Growing the Mesembs
Smith G F et al Mesembs of the World
Rowley G Pachypodium & Adenium (Cactus File Handbook #5) 
Pilbeam J Rebutia (Cactus File Handbook #2)
Pilbeam J Sulcorebutia & Weingartia - A Collector's Guide
Pilbeam J Stapeliads
Pilbeam J A Sulco Gallery
Pilbeam J Thelocactus (Cactus File Handbook #1)

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