Southampton and District Branch
2005 Photo Gallery

2005 Gallery

This is a picture of my epiphyllum flower. These plants are known as orchid cacti because of the spectacular blooms. Unfortunately the flowers put a huge strain on the plant and only tend to last a day or two.

A busy moment at the Spring Flower and Garden Show at Broadland, Romsey.

Margaret Corina helping a young boy pot up his selected plant at the Prickly Potting Post.

Charlie Dymock flanked by David Corina (left) and Margaret Corina (right) at Whiteley Village.

Another view, with David Corina, Charlie Dymock, Margaret Corina and Russell Courtney.

This is just one view of the plants at Fresh Acres nursery. There was quite a selection to choose from!

A view of the display we put on at Hilliers Arboretum.

Another view of the display at Hilliers Arboretum.

Our prize winning display at the New Forest Show.

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