Southampton and District Branch
2006 Photo Gallery

2006 Gallery

Three prickly potting stations in use at the Spring Garden Show, Broadlands, Romsey. In the background (far left) is Merrilyn Prior, with Jim Roskilly, David Corina and Glenn Finn manning the potting stations. Front right (in the cap) is Emily Finn.

Geoff chatting to a customer. In the background, helping other customers are Bruce Beckerleg and Derek Prior.

Some of the plants on the display.

A close up of a particularly well coloured Crassula.

Glenn Finn receiving the award of "Fastest Potter in the South" from Chairman Peter Down. This followed his demonstration of repotting a large and spiny plant in just a few minutes.

A view of the display we put on at Hilliers Arboretum in 2006.

A close up including several Astrophytums, part of the display at Hilliers Arboretum.

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