BCSS Southampton & District Branch - Branch Badge

One of our members (Jim Roskilly) first designed a badge for the branch in the 1970s. These were sold to members over a number of years, but stocks eventually ran out in the late 1990s.

Following a merger with the New Forest Branch, the branch changed it's name to Southampton and District. When the branch celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in 2004, the committee agreed to consider the design of a new badge. By 2007, a number of designs had been developed and one was taken forward to branch members, who were asked to vote on one of three colour variations of the new design. And now, the selected design is available as a real badge!

Making small runs of enamel badges is an expensive process and for the new badge, we chose the best finish available (Cloisonné Hard Enamel) so the badges should retain their quality appearance for many years. The badges are stamped from a copper base and the sections filled with enamel paste which is then fired in a kiln at temperatures in excess of 1000°C. The enamel is polished to a smooth finish and gold plating is applied.

Pictures of the new badge are shown below (the colours appear washed out but are better in real life). The badge is circular, 1.25 inches in diameter and features 5 enamel colours. The design consists of a green bodied cactus bearing a yellow flower (with red detail) on a white background. The ribs and spines of the cactus are detailed in gold. The fastening consists of a safety pin with a ring clasp.

Old Badge New Badge (front) New Badge (back)

The badge can be purchased at our branch meetings, and also at public events and shows attended by the branch. The badge can also be ordered by post (a fee of 125p covers the cost of 2nd class postage and packing for one badge - 200p covers the cost for upto 5 badges in the UK.) If you are interested in ordering by post, please send an email to info at southampton.bcss.org.uk using a subject of "branch badge" to receive details of payment methods.

Price 1 badge
At meetings £2.00
By Post £3.25

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