Southampton and District Branch
Events 2004

In July, the branch put on a display and manned a stand at the New Forest Show, Brockenhurst.

A mammillaria with orange-brown spines and dense white wool in between the tubercules.

Agaves grow in rosettes and vary greatly in size. This specimen has thin leaves with papery edges which curl away from the main body of the leaf.

A selected clone of Astrophytum asterias, displaying intense white markings.

A pan of lithops (stone plants) showing the variety of body colours and patterns that are available.

Echinocactus grusonii is known as the "Golden Barrel" cactus. This plant is around 25 years old.

A close up of a ferocactus shows the intricate pattern of red spines as they emerge from the growing point.

Rebutia 'Apricot Ice' is covered in soft white spines and has attractive apricot-coloured flowers.

Geoff Card handling a prickly opuntia.

A selection of the plants on sale. The majority are priced between £1 and £2.

Pink flower buds forming on an adenium obesum. The stems grow from a caudex, so the bulk of the plant remains underground.

A view of the main display, which was awarded a Gold medal.

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